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UI UX Toast Very Professional website for All Designers. We have in our menu lot of free graphics & inspiration that will help in your design projects. We create free content on a daily basis. It takes a lot of resources and your help would be highly appreciated. Please, put a link to the templates from our website utilized in the projects. We are also available for freelance work such as web design, app design, web development, wordpress development, logo design, brochure design, flyer design, corporate identity, calendar design and many more.


You are permitted to use the resources in any number of personal and commercial projects for you or your client. You may modify the resources according to your requirements and include them into such works as websites, applications, printed materials etc. No attribution or link back to this site is required, though any credit is greatly appreciated.


  • You do not have the rights to resell, sublicense or redistribute (even for free) the files on their own or as a separate attachment from any of your work.
  • You do not have the rights to use any freebie as part of a greater artwork offered for free digitally, as it would be a form of redistribution.
  • You may not use any resource where it contributes to the core value of the product being sold.
  • If you wish to promote my resources on your site, you must link back to the resource page where users can find the download and NOT directly to the download file.
  • If you have any questions about the terms of use/license, please contact us!

Important Note

  • All featured resources (download source outside UI UX Toast) are trademarks of their respective owners.
  • Be sure to check out the proper use with the author before you do anything with it.

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